Olive it.

My latest acquisition for my vintage boutique. I love the color! Oh, and please, excuse my dusty elephant!

It was so wonderful to be able to drive around on the roads today.  We are supposed to get another blizzard tomorrow.  I guess I will be working on cover letters.  I’d really be happy to live somewhere warm and ideally not have to drive.  How perfect.

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“To thine own self be true.”

I received The African Safari Papers over the holidays from a dear friend.  The more I read it, the more relevant it becomes. Yesterday was odd; I got a funny message in my inbox.  I won’t say who it was from or what it was about but it honestly fell upon me and really made me think about my history with faiths and gurus.  I have pretty much banned myself from studying particular things, not because I’m not interested but more like I’m trying to recover from the last two years of ideas.

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10 Degrees Fahrenheit.

First real blizzard of the year.

Decided to take a stroll around Cypress Lake today.

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